Ten Things You Should Know About Buying A Home


When you bought a home, it feels so rewarding even though the process of it is tedious; tiring yet rewarding right? I am sure you have noticed few of things about buying a home. So let us keep a list of it and share it to the home buyers right now. A few of it are humorous yet real and some are too vital thus, read it well and enjoy it!

  1. Getting excited for the house hunting? Ah ah ah, that is not the first step of home buying! Keep in mind the pre-approval, if you are a qualified one or not. Yes, the house hunting is one of the best parts of home buying but, do not be so excited about it by forgetting the prior process from it.5930118532_381fe33f57_b
  2. Having the best transaction with the real estate agent? Of course, we want the best but do you notice or observe some real estate agents that always offer upselling. Do not get confused with the purpose of real estate agent. Real Estate agent is paid by the seller, that’s why some of them make you spend more because it means higher commission for them.realty-1151243_960_720
  3. House for Sale – Short Sale! Getting into short sale? Don’t be deceive because “short” does not mean a quick home buying process. It will take about 3 to 6 months to process a deal.hqdefault
  4. Thousands of Signatures. Real estate process requires so much paperwork for the reason that, everything must be well documented and transparent. Hence, expect to sign a lot of documents; condition your hands now to be ready. Surely, you will appreciate your hand and signature afterwards LOL!signature-962354_960_720
  5. You are like a talking parrot. Yes, you will keep on answering the same questions with the bank, realtor, lender, etc. Every details will be asked to you and you will answer it for a million of times. HAHA!bird-1297147_960_720
  6. Lots of furniture and appliances to put inside the home. When you find out that you can own the home, you will buy everything you feel that you need. But honestly, some of it is not important and it will just max out your bank account and credit card.12696032183_0d9622ae98
  7. Take care of your credit score! Your FICO score is an essential indicator of your stability with finances. It is said so because it is the most accurate one among all financial records. Monitor your credit and bills and make sure to pay them on time.1024px-credit-score-chart-svg
  8. The importance of title insurance. Get yourself protected from the deal by acquiring a title insurance. It will ensure your home from the previous owners and other claims. It might cost a few dollars from your reserve savings but, it is better to prevent than cure right?insurance
  9. The 30-day notice. Do not give a time period as early as the home buying process until you already know the closing. If you did not brightly anticipate the closing, you might end up be homeless for a few weeks or days or worst a month or so.demenagement_quebec1
  10. The feeling of pride when you got the home. After the long and tiring process of home buying, you can now relax and enjoy your new home!sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkin

Source: Articles from AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, Buzzfeed


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