Home Warranty, A safety net!

Do I need a home warranty as a homeowner? A question that comes up to our minds during the sale or purchase of a home.


When we buy a certain thing (like gadget, appliawarrantylogo-300x268nces, & etc.) or acquired a particular service (like laptop or car repair & etc.), we always make it sure that it has a warranty. Now, think about this ‘why do you want a warranty for that?’ I’ll guess the answer would be ‘to protect against any unforeseen defective problems’, right? Likewise with home warranty, it is a benefit for ourselves to protect our money and effort in purchasing a property from any repairs soon.

Home warranty is beneficial for parties involve in the home selling-buying process such as the buyer and seller. According to HMS website, a home warranty is an excellent investment because it gives us the confidence that we do not need to shell out money in case a repair or replacement needs to be done. It is like a savings in our bank that when we need money for emergency there’s a cash we can get immediately.

Here are some pointers from a website, called HSA, about the benefits of home warranty for buyer and seller homeowners:

  1. Free coverage during the listing period. When the buyer decided to purchase a home warranty, the seller has a coverage too.
  2. Compelling point of difference to market their home. Almost all home buyers choose a property with home warranty. So, for a home seller’s advantage; he will easily attract buyers.
  3. Postsale dispute prevention. The seller have an advantage with home warranty because when a failure happens with system, the buyer will call the warranty provider. Hence, less stress for the seller’s side.
  4. Comprehensive coverage. Every warranty provider has a standard coverage. If a system falls under this so called standard then, the buyer homeowner does not need to shell out cash.
  5. Convenient service. For the HAS home warranty, they guarantee their service that is goes with friendly customer service representatives, and prescreened vendors, buyers are treated right, from the closing to the claim resolution. I think that every home warranty provider has the same service like that.
  6. Calming peace of mind. Homeowners do not need to fret anything when he moves in his home.

Home warranty gives the homeowners the confidence with their home. Just make sure to research for a reputable home warranty provider!



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