Always Ready and Happy to Serve!

When you buy something, dine in at a restaurant, or acquire a service; do you get a chance to rate their customer service?


That ratings for customer service is most commonly known as feedback form. It consists of a few questions pertaining to their service or product quality. If you were given a feedback form, do you take it seriously or not? Well, I hfeedback_vpope you rate them accordingly. Your honest feedback or rate matters to them because, they get a chance to know what other thinks or feels of their product or service and customer service quality.


For us to fully understand customer service let us define it. According to, customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after purchasing and using goods and services. Good customer service provides an experience that meets customer expectations. It produces satisfied customers. Bad customer service can generate complaints.

As a customer, we all desire for an excellent customer service. With me, I believe that I acustomer-relationshiplways deserve excellent customer service or at least a good one because I paid for it. That’s why most of the businesses today have a customer support to provide pre and post selling assistance. I think it is a good product / service feature. Customers need to satisfy their expectations and to feel their importance in buying a product or acquiring a service.

An excellent customer service can go a long way but, a bad one will never take you anywhere. What do I mean by that? For an instance, I will buy a home and I acquired the service of a buyer’s agent. When the buyer’s agent fulfilled his tasks exceptionally and it satisfied me; I can get his service for another transaction and I will surely refer him to my friends, relatives, and others. Thus, he will get more clients and be distinguished for his excellent service. On the other hand, if I get disappointed with my buyer’s agent because of his shortcomings he will be known as terrible agent and lose future customers.


Therefore, customer service is significant with any businesses. It guides them where they are good and bad at. Providing a poor or excellent customer service will give you what you deserve. So remember to be always ready and happy to serve.


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