The importance of Great Customer Service in Real Estate


Over the weekends, I got to meet my parent’s agent when they purchased our home four years ago. The agent invited my mother to show his new offers of real estate.  I was surprised because my parents are excited to take a glimpse of the property and they are going to buy a unit from him again. My parents invited me and my older sister to come with them for home-showing. I was amaze with how the agent assisted us. He was very willing to adjust with our financial capacity – he knows how to match our needs. Indeed it is a great customer service!

My parents would have not thought of getting another unit from their agent if he does not provide a great customer service. Also, my parents would not recommend him to us if he has bad customer service.

Therefore, a great customer service can go a long way.


It is important in the Real Estate to have a great customer service because that’s the start of getting more customers / clients. If a person in real estate has a provided a great customer service with his client then, I truly believe that his great service will return into something bigger. He can be referred by his former client to a new client (word of mouth power) and close another transaction. Until the recommendation of his client gets to everyone they know.


A great customer service can be a big additional points for a person in real estate. It will be added to his credentials that he provides a good customer service. The more he delivers a great customer service, the more client he will get in the coming days.

Therefore, an exceptional customer service in real estate means getting good feedback or recommendations then, acquiring more opportunities with new customers / clients.




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