Different things and new challenges

Who would have thought that I will be looking forward to be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

My loving husband never thought about it. My friends would be surprised. My former supervisors and colleagues would give a dead air for a second but, they will surely commend me. Yes, no one would have thought about my new career excluding me. I am just a brave mother to a 3-year old girl, who is very willing to learn different things and take up new challenges.

Different things and new challenges.

I am in joy when I’ve heard that I will undergo training. I am like: YES! I passed!

But wait, after a few days in the training I said to myself that the journey is not yet over. OOOPPPS, YIKES! I never thought that the training is intensive and mind blowing. It is hard, no jokes and pretentions. However, I believe to myself and look forward to the great opportunities of being a virtual assistant.

Believing in myself is the best thing I have learned in the training so far. I have to trust my instinct to pass the challenges of training. There is no better learning in the training but to truly believe in myself – I just need to extend my patience, strengthened my skills, and expand my knowledge.

To more training days and boot camp days!





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